Board of Directors 2021:
Paddy Rossbach, President
Mike Abram, Vice-President 
Peter Albero, Treasurer
Marilyn Gross, Secretary
Cavin Leeman
Bill Moore
Edward Sands
Amy Truax

Immediate Past President, Richard Collins
Trustee Emeritus, The Rev. John Carter


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The Concerts are still up on our YouTube channel !

The programs listed on the Concert Program page.



Although we would all prefer that the concerts be in-person, we hope this format will help fill the void until we can all come together again in 2022!

We want to thank all who made this possible, musicians, St John's Church, sponsors, donors, audiovisual specialists, printers and advertisers, volunteers etc. we couldn't have done this without you. You will find a list on the sponsors and donors page

A special thanks from me to the all volunteer board, who  pitched in when things were uncertain, and pulled everything together.

Paddy Rossbach